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19 Feb 2013

Hilary Mantel for President!

This Monday, in my column in the Independent- which you can read online and is reproduced on my website with some additions- I asked why if Ed Milliband wants a mansion tax, a policy that I agree with, why not a palace tax? In these hardest of times the Royals keep expecting and getting more…

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11 Feb 2013

Lazy Blogger

So I made myself a promise- come 2013, I would blog lots, try at least and catch up with all those ceaseless, tireless tweeters and sleepless bloggers like my Tory mate Iain Dale who always looks as fresh as a newly picked, pink apple and has interesting views on everything, views I rarely share but…

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17 Aug 2012

My blog!

This is where I’ll be putting my random thoughts and comments. Please check back soon! Tweet

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