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26 Jun 2016

Brexit, White, Black, Shades of Brown

  The EU referendum has ruptured political parties, families and communities, lacerated national cohesion. Black and Asian Britons have gone through the same upheavals and anguish, and more. And worse. The vote was a test of our integrity and identity, political fidelity and pragmatism, personal concerns and wider loyalties. We made choices that will forever…

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18 May 2015

Hounded by Stupids

There is a group of white men who accuses me of wishing the extinction of white men. They have pursued me with this rubbish for years and keep adding it to my Wiki entry. I am married to a white man for starters and IT WAS A JOKE guys, a reply to a question I…

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10 Jan 2014

You Love My Food But Hate me Being Here?

I cooked for some people just before Christmas- some mates, some acquaintances, some allies, some foes. One thing they ALL AGREED on was how great the food was. How boring food used to be in the 70s. Then came a very divisive conversation on immigration and class. they were eating my food and blasting away…

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16 Apr 2013

Saint Margaret

The woman who destroyed society and communities, ripped the fragile tapestry that is our nation, has been cannonised by right wing politically correct warriors and ordinary folk who have bought into the myth of her greatness by the media. See my column in the Independent this week for some reminders of her real wrethced legacy. We have…

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5 Apr 2013

When Did Racism and Fascism Become Acceptable ideological ‘Choices’?

Sunderland has appointed Di Canio as manager, knowing full well his previous sympathies for Fascism. What does it matter if he is good at football? That’s what his groupies say. Some even add that his political ‘choices’ should not stop him getting a leadership role. Morality, then, is relative, depends whether it interferes with profits and ambitions. If it…

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