June 5, 2016

Last year Kareem was alive, but in a wheelchair. As he had been since the 2006 attacks by Israel on Gaza. He was from Gaza.  Medical […]
January 10, 2014

Hating the Immigrant: A National Sport

Immigration Hatred Yasmin Alibhai-Brown  I want the BBC’s political editor Nick Robinson to look me in the eye and tell me that it was a big […]
January 10, 2014

Gender segregation in British Universities 1&2

Universities and Gender Segregation The 10th of December, this Tuesday is Human Rights Day. It is my birthday too and insha-allah ( God willing) I plan […]
January 23, 2013

Through the Western Glass Darkly

Published in the Independent, 21/1/ 2013 The desert siege in the In Amenas gas plant is over. The end, as foretold, was bloody. According to the […]