June 26, 2016

A Plague On Those Who Brought Us Here

Brexit Win Yasmin Alibhai-Brown   On Wednesday morning a talented young, black musician was beaten up in a park in South London and told to ‘get […]
June 26, 2016

Brexit, White, Black, Shades of Brown

  The EU referendum has ruptured political parties, families and communities, lacerated national cohesion. Black and Asian Britons have gone through the same upheavals and anguish, […]
June 12, 2016

Remain – why are we stuck with such duds?

We may, probably will, leave the EU thanks to jingoists,  xenophobes, clueless millions who think their country was great when it way grey and mingy and the […]
June 5, 2016

Last year Kareem was alive, but in a wheelchair. As he had been since the 2006 attacks by Israel on Gaza. He was from Gaza.  Medical […]