It’s Eid, the celebration at the end of Ramadhan and I feel so alone. My mum, beloved aunts and cousins are all either dead or moved elsewhere. There is no one to feast with today. Still my mum would want me to make a sweet and not cry. So I made carrot halva, and cried while I cooked it and more when I ate some.

1lb carrots peeled and grated

2cups water and 2 cups full cream milk

3tbsp butter

some crushed cardamom and handful of chopped almonds

1/2 cup evaporated milk

4 tbsp sugar

Boil the carrots in water until all the water is absorbed or cooked away

Than add milk and do the same, stir frequently

Add sugar and butter, keep cooking and stirring. It all takes about an hour

when sticky and comes together add cardamom and almonds. Sultanas too if you like. Eat with cream or icecream or on its own