So I made myself a promise- come 2013, I would blog lots, try at least and catch up with all those ceaseless, tireless tweeters and sleepless bloggers like my Tory mate Iain Dale who always looks as fresh as a newly picked, pink apple and has interesting views on everything, views I rarely share but do note. February already and I still have to keep that promise. I like silence and sleep too much and anyway was ill and have been wretched and enervated. Dale asked me to present an award to the polemicist of the year at the glitzy  Political Book Awards. It went to Nick Cohen, the Observer columnist who drives me to distraction with some of his hard line comments on Muslims, western liberalism and of course why the war on Iraq was necessary. But that is what they do, good polemicists. They annoy, infuriate, provoke, are stubborn and brave, especially in these times when internet drone attacks target writers. The award was about him, not me. A number of presenters seemed to forget that and spent too many words on their own books and good selves. Tedious and rude. Oh and Anne Widdicombe wore leopard skin tights and skittishly waved her blonde locks. Strange but true.


More news…The book I have been writing on England is finally done and with the publishers. I feel the same anxiety I did when waiting for results. Some things don’t change. It is a love story. That’s all I can say at present.

And finally, am off to India next month to make a radio programme about two legendary playback singers, Lata and Asha, who between them have sold more records than the Stones and Beatles put together. They’ve been going for decades and are popular in South America, Russia, the Middle East, most of Africa. Shame that most westerners are clueless about them. I hear though that Hollywood, chasing after Bollywood success is tuning into these Hindi songs. At long last.

Wait for the next ramble. Coming soon.