One of the splendid ideas we stole from Brits was fish pie. Great stuff- mashed potatoes will killing amounts of butter and full cream milk and underneath fish in white sauce which falsely makes one think the dish is really healthy. Jamie Oliver adds spinach and cream, the first to detox the second. As if. I often imagine Posh Beckam’s life. Or Kate Middleton. They can never eat a plateful of fish pie, never ever, not even if they promise to eat salad afterwards. For three days. Or more. The rich and famous have it all and are forever thin. But they can’t have fish pie. Anyway here is what my mum and aunts used to do. The mash is the same as any other so I won’t bother to write it all down. But the fish, well it really lays down its taste on the tongue a little like those pillows and mattresses you can buy which take your shape and become you. If I was food I’d be this fish pie.

2 lbs Cheap white fillet of fish – like Basa or whiting.
8 oz salmon  Maybe some prawns and scallops if you fancy.
Juice of one lime
Salt to taste
Frozen peas
1 tbsp each of finely chopped green pepper, 4 spring onions, 2 hot green chillies and a bunch of fresh coriander with the roots cut off and well washed
½ pt cream

Grease an ovenproof pie dish and place the fish in it. Squeeze the lemon juice over the fillets and leave for ten minutes.
Meanwhile heat the oven to a medium temperature
Cook the fish in the oven for ten minutes.
Remove from the oven and cut into chunks still in the dish. Careful it is hot.
Sprinkle with as many peas as you like.
Mix all the green stuff with the cream and salt
Pour over the fish
Cover with mash well so there are no gaps
Return to the oven and cook for half an hour.
Eat. And thank God you don’t deny yourself such pleasures.

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