3 small pkts cheap peanuts

3 bunches corainder

fifteen mint leaves

1 tsp jeera poweder( cumin)

2 hot green chillies

salt and sugar to taste 

Every other week we go to one of those good value supermarkets like Morrissons and Lidl. Last week bought some packs of the cheapest  peanuts which turned out to be, well, inedible, shockingly so. GM probably. But one rule in this house is never to throw food away , certainly not brand new and still in shiny packets. So ethical cunnundrum. Th eanswer came in a green flash. Bought some bargain bunces of corianger from teh local Arab shop, and some green chillis, limes and mint. Whizzed in a processor with guilty peanuts, some powdered cumin, slat and a little sugar.

Put them into small plastic pots to freeze and used some on teh following:

1.As a crust for baked salmon and trout

2. Stirred into gaucamole – made fresh with avocado and tomatoes

3 Stirred into greek yogurt to make a wonderful dip

4 Added to an omlette with red onions and tomatoes

5. added to stir fried prawns

Must buy more of those cheeky peanuts again soon.