It makes the old man very happy, his little plot at the far end of the garden, away from the phone, his office, me, the telly and endless chores. The pleasures of the garden have always eluded me. Imagine getting that brown muck on your hands, under your nails, the aching knees and tired limbs. But Farmer Brown is happier doing just that than anything else. Almost anything else. But there is the problem of forests of rocket leaves and sundry lettuce types arraiving in huge bunches, like a floral delivery. You can only eat so many leaves. So this week’s non recipe is this: how to use up salad leaves from your garden. Pile them on top of pizza obviously and in with all the other salads. But good too with tinned corn and mayo or potatoes baked in slices with olive oil, salt and herbs then served with salad leaves. And I just about smothered a large fillet of salmon after cooking it with bright and dark green leaves dressed with lime juice and lemon flavoured olive Oil. Unfortunately another crop has just arrived and I think I suddenly can’t stand the sight of green anything. Still, health and all and have to keep Farmer Brown feeling he is contributing hugely to our well being.

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